Update on Grandpa

My grandpa went to the doctor yesterday to meet with the doctor about options for treating his prostate cancer. He came home in much better spirits because the doctor's said that they caught it very early. The doctors suggested he start radiation soon. I believe they are going to implant something in his prostate within the next week or so that will treat what they need to be treated. Keep him in your prayers.


Courtney Carver said...

Hey there. I was so sad to hear about your Pawpaw. He is such a sweet man. I am glad you put up this post that he is in higher spirits. My Grandpa seems to have gone through a lot of the same things. We are currently loosing him to lung cancer. He has had too many surgeries in the past to have another and he knows that eventually this will kill him. But he is always in high spirits and I think that is what has kept him with us for so long now. Your family is definately in our thoughts and prayers!

Josh Carpenter said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandpa as well. Papaw has had too many surgeries to have any more as well. He was more scared than I have ever seen him before he learned that he wouldn't have to go through surgery. It hurts me that poor choices in their lives lead to such pain for them and those that love them. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers as you deal with "the C word" too.