The surgery

For those of you who may be reading this waiting on an update here it is. I have made it through the transplant with flying colors. A list of the miracles (that are not obvious):
1) I was on the transplant list for 12 days. Average time is 3 months, some people are on it for years.
2) Most patients usually spend 3 days in ICU and I was out in less than 24 hours.
3) No setbacks as of yet although there has been a fair amount of pain, nothing that some morphine can't handle.
4) I am out of the hospital in 10 days which is an average time, but could have gone in 5.

So there are some of the things that I have been flying high on for the past week and a half. I also have the greatest friends in the world. You guys have no idea how much the phone calls and emails mean. Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts that have been sent the way of the Carpenter's lately and even before that. We continue to need those prayers and thoughts. I am not really sure what to say right now but plan to post more in the coming days. I might even post a picture of the dreaded scar at some point. Again, I am still kicking and counting on all of your thoughts and prayers.