PICC Line is gone!

Just returned from one more long trip to Emory University's Transplant Clinic. Good checkup. Been a while since I had one go that well. Lately going to the clinic has been a nervous experience because I never know if they are going to admit me or not. My bloodwork has been a little off the past month or so but today everything was completely back to normal. That is great news! CMV (cytomegalovirus) is gone finally....hopefully never to return. I had my PICC line removed which is a huge relief. The PICC line itself isn't annoying but just knowing it is there is a constant reminder of wasting 2 hours of my day every day hooked up to an IV bag. Oh well, it is now gone. Also found out one day next week I will be having another tube study completed on my T-tube (biliary drain) and hopefully getting it removed. That will mean that I am tube free and will have no legitimate restrictions on my activities. Not that I have any now, but at least then I will be cleared by the docs to do whatever I want without having to sneak around them. There is the update for this week! Hope you enjoy!



Not a ton to write about lately. Been a rough past six weeks with 3 separate visits to the hospital. No major bumps in the road, just trying to "iron out some wrinkles" I suppose. I am currently still trying to get over my second bout with CMV (got my first negative today and hopefully will be off the IV meds next Tuesday). Seems that everything has hit at one time and that jinx i mentioned before bit me in the tail. Hopefully though, things are looking up and the hospital visits are coming to an end. Keep your fingers crossed and hopefully I'll be able to update a little more soon and with some more upbeat stories. Hope all is well with everyone.




I knew it writing the last post that feeling that good wasn't going to last. That is why I threw out the "jinxing myself" disclaimer, hoping I was wrong. I wasn't by any means. Not only did I jinx myself but I managed to do it within 24 hours. That has to be some great accomplishment....Chris Angel couldn't even do that!

I spent last Wednesday night, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning at the good ol' Emory express once again. Felt great on Tuesday and all morning on Wednesday. Then like a ton of bricks about 2pm I became exhausted. When I say exhausted I mean couldn't hold my head up. I drove home already chilling from a fever to take some Tylenol praying that what I thought was happening was not. I woke up from about a 2 hour nap to find that my fever had gone down to 100.7 from a 102 at it's peak. I thought that I might be okay until 30 minutes later the fever was back up to 101.7 so I made the fun and exciting call to my surgeon who said for me to come on down and visit the ER. After packing 4 days worth of clothes and supplies, we walked into the ER looking like we were going on vacation. (I'm sure the people in the ER think we are crazy when we walk in with luggage. We know that when we visit, it's going to be an extended one.)

Long story short, missed 2 days of work with good ol CMV rearing it's ugly head again. Got a brand new picc line in my right arm (figured I would switch it up) for some home IV treatments. Read some magazines and books, watched some TV, got stuck with a few million needles, and got lots of sleep. Came home on Saturday morning and feeling fine.......at the moment anyways!

Still feeling good overall...just scared to say too much. You see what it got me last time. I still love my new liver though! (just in case it's listening)